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Use a JavaScript-enabled browser to view this element. Browse the result list directly.YEARSCEinLOM2014-06-01T00:00:002018-05-31T23:59:590Start date 1 June 2014
End date 31 May 2018
Protein Assisted DNA Monolayer Assembly - PROTEASSIST2008-09-01T00:00:002010-08-31T23:59:590Start date 1 September 2008
End date 31 August 2010
Frequency-Dependent Conductivity of Charge Ordering Phases of Two-Dimensional Organic Metals: Search for the Anisotropic Dispersion and Collective Excitations2008-01-01T00:00:002010-12-31T23:59:590Start date 1 January 2008
End date 31 December 2010
Strongly correlated inorganic, organic and biomaterials2007-01-01T00:00:002012-10-31T23:59:590Start date 1 January 2007
End date 31 October 2012
Broad-Band Optical Spectroscopy of Low-Dimensional Quantum Spin Systems2003-02-01T00:00:002005-01-31T23:59:590Start date 1 February 2003
End date 31 January 2005
Systems of reduced dimensionality: from synthetic organic to biomaterials2002-08-22T00:00:002005-08-21T23:59:590Start date 22 August 2002
End date 21 August 2005
Dynamical and conformational properties of native DNA in varying chemical environment2002-05-01T00:00:002004-04-30T23:59:590Start date 1 May 2002
End date 30 April 2004
Frequency-dependent conductivity of commensurate density waves in organic metals: a search for the pinned mode2001-09-01T00:00:002002-11-30T23:59:590Start date 1 September 2001
End date 30 November 2002


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