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Employees of the Institute. Zagreb, 16 April 2010.

Institut za fiziku (Institute of Physics, website) is a public institute in Zagreb, Croatia whose main activities constitute scientific research in theoretical and experimental physics.

Institut za fiziku was founded in 1961, as an institute devoted to scientific research in solid state physics and atomic physics. Although a solid part of nowadays' activities may still be incorporated in such a classification, it is better to say that, taking into account their scope and range of subjects, today’s activities encompass various branches of physics, such as solid state physics, surface physics, statistical physics, biological physics, atomic and molecular physics, optical physics and plasma physics.

Besides Institute’s permanent goal to acquire as high level of research quality as possible, its mission includes also the efforts to ensure that the research enables the technology transfer to the industry standards through the foundation of spin-off companies. The third component of our activities is education. A large number of scientists of the Institute participate in education of students both through the supervision of graduate and PhD theses and through teaching and undergraduate and graduate studies on Croatian universities.

The Institute is located at one of the calm and green oases in the hilly north part of Zagreb, in the surroundings of kindred faculties and institutes, and may be reached by twenty minutes’ walk from the very centre of town.

Institut za fiziku

Bijenička 46
P O Box 304
HR-10000 Zagreb


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