Strongly correlated inorganic, organic and biomaterials

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Strong Coulomb interactions are essential for collective electronic states in synthetic conductors and superconductors (e.g. in organic (molecular) as well as in transition metal oxides) which are established in the wide temperature range from 250 K down to lowest attainable temperatures. These states, like charge and spin-density waves, charge orderings of various types and orbital orderings, show rich range of nonlinear properties and complex dynamics which connects them with selforganized structures of bio and synthetic macromolecules - biomaterials. Although biological molecular systems function in water environment at around room temperature, the recently developed understanding indicates that Coulomb interactions are so strong that the diversity of phenomena is comparable to the richness of the low-temperature physics. The aim of this project is to support this understanding revealing the elements of universality in the condensed and soft matter physics phenomena. Investigation of the physical mechanisms defining ordered electronic structures and dynamics will be based on the study of electrical, dielectrical, galvanomagnetic and optical properties as a function of parameters characterizing the system. In the condensed matter materials these are charge density, temperature, cooling rate, magnetic field, which determine the choice of the electronic phase and enable the fine tuning of their properties. Similarly, the choice of parameters in the soft matter materials, as valency, concentration and added salt, which characterize bio (or synthetic) polyelectrolyte solutions, determine their conformational structure and biological (or designed) activity. The proposed research will be carried on in the collaboration with partners in the national and international scientific institutions. Results will be published in the international scientific journals and will be presented at the international conferences. This proposal contributes to the fundamental science of condensed and soft matter physics and to the interdisciplinary field of physics, chemistry and biology. The knowledge of relationships between the choice of parameters and resulting ordered structures and dynamics in the condensed and soft matter dominated by strong Coulomb correlations is of an evident importance for the development and design of novel nano and bio-nanomaterials with desired properties.

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